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working with closed centers

In the last several years, many child care centers were caught by the headwinds of the economic downturn and did not recover.  As a result, there are a substantial number of empty child care center buildings available.  Many of these are priced very attractively and represent excellent values for experienced operators or buyers outside the industry. 

When dealing with closed centers, it is important to expose the property to as many prospective buyers as possible.  One buyer may want to reopen the center for its original purpose, but sometimes a center needs to be repurposed, as the surrounding community may have changed and it no longer fits a need. 

When working with closed centers, Childcare.Properties reaches out to the entire real estate community to maximize the number of prospective buyers.  We offer full cooperation to all members of the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors and send out email notifications on the property to members, so they are aware and can discuss this opportunity with their clients.  And, of course, we utilize our extensive proprietary lists of buyers interested in this type of opportunity.

working with open centers

considering selling?

A well-run, profitable childcare business can dramatically increase the value of a center when it comes time to sell. 

When working with an existing business, it is very important to maintain a high level of confidentiality to protect the value of the business and the center.   Unfortunately,  employee rumors can spread very quickly and cause great damage to your business. 

At the same time, in order to find a well qualified buyer, it is important to maximize exposure of the opportunity. 

Childcare.properties works with buyers in a process designed to protect the confidentiality of our clients.  No information, including address or financial information is released without a signed Confidentiality Agreement.  Confidential financial information is carefully scrubbed to protect the personal identity of sellers and only released after a buyer interview.  And, of course, we screen buyers to ensure they are financially qualified. 

We reach out to buyers with our extensive network, and offer full cooperation with other members of the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors, greatly increasing the prospective buyer pool. 

If you would like to discuss your specific situation with us, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 404-842-1997.

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